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Indiana Stamp Co., Inc.

Indiana Signworks is proud to be a division of Indiana Stamp Co., Inc. Our company originally started by making hand stamps, but has been built over the years on an entrepreneurial ‘see a need, fill a need’ mentality. Existing manufacturing capabilities were used to fill market needs, leading to the development of very diverse product lines, which were eventually spun off into three separate divisions.

Indiana Stamp Co.,Inc. is the nucleus of the original company, and is focused on manufacturing stamps, or marking devices as we call them in our industry, of every kind. Of course we make thousands of hand stamps for office or personal use, but we specialize in providing highly technical custom applications for large industrial and corporate clients.

Our United RIBtype division manufactures RIBtype®, a propriety marking system that is used in a wide variety of industries in over 65 countries around the world. It’s unique design allows for changeable information to be imprinted reliably in any kind of setting, whether that is sell-by dates for a small chicken farm in Eastern Europe or lot codes imprinted on the inside of light bulbs sold at big-box home improvement stores around the United States.

Although each division focuses on different product lines, all three have been built over time through perfecting our craft, being dedicated to the highest levels of customer service and through delicately balancing between tradition and technology. As a whole, we aim to always exceed customer expectations.