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We have decades of experience in signmaking, and we want to share it with you. Our Indiana Signworks blog features interesting facts, important things to know, and just some really cool stuff. If it is sign-related, it will all be here.

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Sign Makeovers: Amazing What a Little Paint Can Do

This is our latest installment in the sign makeover category. Here is another sign makeover project that shows you can get a lot of visual bang for your buck by updating your sign.  Olive Branch Church's existing monument sign with a manual...
Before and After
June 30th 2017

Color Draws the Eye

If you are from Fort Wayne, you are undoubtedly familiar with the Lutheran Hospital butterfly logo, and their signature logo color, blue.This sign refresh is a little bit older, but it is a good example of a sign refresh for several...
Before and After
June 23rd 2017

Before and After Signs: A fresh, new Look for Morsche’s Park

  The sign for Morsche's Park in Columbia City, Indiana just got a fresh, new look! Indiana Signworks took down the old freestanding pylon sign and replaced it with an updated pylon sign. While there was really nothing wrong with the...
Before and After
June 15th 2017